Breakfast Nachos

Breakfast Nachos are packed full of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, black beans and a creamy cheese sauce.

Because I’m a rebel and like eating dinner food in the morning and breakfast in the evening, I bring you Breakfast Nachos. It’s now acceptable to eat nachos for breakfast or breakfast for dinner. And either way, chips are involved so you will always win.  When I was a kid, Friday night was nacho night.

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10 Father’s Day Feasts That Will Make Him Flip

10 Father's Day Feasts That Will Make Him Flip

Today I’m sharing 10 Father’s Day Feasts That Will Make Him Flip. Whether that special guy is a breakfast person, adores burgers or is all about that steak, you’ll find the perfect meal in today’s round up to make him feel loved. I, obviously, love to cook and one of the biggest ways I like to

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Baked Breakfast Croissant Sandwiches

These Baked Breakfast Croissant Sandwiches start with a buttery, flaky croissants and are filled with scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and melty cheddar cheese to create a delicious hand held breakfast to enjoy at home or on the go. I’ve been on a breakfast kick lately which is really weird for me. First, I’m not big on cooking

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Chorizo Scramble

This Chorizo Scramble will become your favorite new quick and ultra flavorful breakfast. Scrambled eggs, spicy chorizo, crumbled queso fresco and crushed tortilla chips. Top with a little sour cream.

Chorizo Scramble – a simple, flavorful egg scramble with chorizo and crumble queso fresco cheese topped with crushed tortilla chips. This is our last week of summer around here. The kids start school on the 15th so it’s back to routines for us. Although we are trying to squeeze in as much summer fun as

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BLT Bagel Sandwich

It’s National BLT month people! Do you guys love or hate all these food holidays? I kind of love them since it gives me more reasons to make chocolate cake, doughnuts, grilled cheese and more. As if I need more excuses, right? Hopefully they don’t drive you guys crazy because they are here to stay

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Green Eggs and Ham Cups

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is coming up on March 3rd so I thought we should celebrate by turning his beloved, popular book Green Eggs and Ham into a delicious, healthy breakfast that the whole family will love. These Green Eggs and Ham Cups are seriously tasty and so easy to make.  A dozen eggs are mixed up

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Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls

You know the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? We had one of those days yesterday. Everything went wrong and we just couldn’t get out of our funk. It wasn’t pleasant. We got takeout which made it better though. I really need to stop using food to make me feel better. Or

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Meat Lovers Skillet

If there is a major carnivore in your life, stop everything you are doing and make this. They will pretty much love you forever and request it on any occasion celebrating them. Trust me, I know from experience. This skillet is inspired by a diner that we used to frequent often when we lived in

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Maple Brown Sugar Bacon and Egg Biscuits

It seems like people either love or hate breakfast. I, unfortunately, fall in the second category. I just don’t feel like eating right when I wake up and if I don’t, the kids wake up, chaos ensues and there is no longer time because they like to eat the second their eyes open. Plus, I

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